Complying to this law requires the use of certain forms for your recordkeeping. REMEMBER over 80% of the required records you are to keep are pictures of your lead safe practices. Think of it this way, if you do it with your hands its record is a picture.

Below we have assembled various actual forms that are required. In regulated states, you might still need a few EPA forms because your state simply starts with them and then adds a few of their own. IF you are in a EPA state (ME, NH, CT, or NY) you simply need the forms found in the EPA block.

If you notice a form link is broken, missing or out of date, kindly notify us immediately. We can not always keep up with each state in New England and therefore must tell you that we can not be responsible if any item is missing or outdated. We are attempting to make it easy for you to access these records and are not a government agency. Always check with your governing authority when in doubt.

Please click a tab/link below to download the form(s):