There are lots of places where you can get your training, both online and live classes. So why choose LeadSMART?

Expertise: We know our s***.

  • Our trainers are experienced tradesmen, just like you, and can provide real-life experience during class.
  • We know the EPA RRP Rule and Massachusetts LSR Regulation inside and out. And if we can’t answer a question in class, we’ll find out and follow up with you.
  • Some of our trainers are also OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainers. Which means we offer OSHA 10, 30, Fall Protection, Respirator Training and many other services dealing with OSHA Compliance. We will represent you at informal hearings should you be facing fines as well. We help to keep you safe, one class at a time.
  • Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License holders know that with LeadSMART, they can get the CEUs they need to renew their license. With both live and online CEU classes, renewing has never been easier.

Customer Support: We provide what we think is the best customer support.

  • We EXPECT our clients to reach out with issues or questions when they are in the field. Once you are a LS client, send in your project specific questions. We promise you no more than a 24 hour turn around — and NO WE DON’T CHARGE FOR THIS. If we have to come to your site, then of course we will discuss our consulting service. Many of our clients questions can be handled from our desk, FREE of charge.
  • We KEEP your certification on file for 10 years. Many of our competitors purge their files after five (5) years. That can be a problem when you can’t find your certificate and need it. If LeadSMART trained you, all you have to do is call. We’ll locate your certificate and email it to you.
  • We have a triple back-up procedure to ensure the integrity of your training records.
  • Unsure about what class you need? And with the recent change to the refresher training schedule from the EPA, it’s about to get even more confusing. We can help make sure you sign up for the right class at the right time.
  • Need help navigating Federal or State level certification requirements for yourself or your company? We can help with that, too.
  • We provide FREE video training on important topics. This new feature is expanding, so be sure to be on the email list for update notifications.

Convenience: Providing training you need WHEN you need it.

  • LeadSMART Training Solutions conducts LIVE classes throughout New England. With a variety of locations and dates, you can generally find a class convenient for your schedule. We also provide private training for individual companies or their leadership team.
  • Limited online classes are available if you can’t make a live class. While we feel live classes provide the best experience, we understand busy schedules. And we are continually growing our online class offering.
  • Between our live classes and our online classes, chances are you’ll find the training you need when you need it. IF you don’t see something you need or want to set up a meeting for private training, JUST ASK US.

LeadSMART Training Solutions provides the training you need.

You don’t have to believe us – check out what contractors say about us!