Being a cabinetmaker and remodeler, Peter received his first lead safe training in 1997. Discovering he like many others who worked in the field of remodeling had welcomed this product into his body without knowing or understanding its repercussions yet certainly lived with its symptoms. Lead being the catalyst, his eyes began to see and remember the falls, the pulling nails out of fingers and countless other situations that are routinely understood as “expected in the field”.

Twelve years later, LeadSMART Training opened its doors on July 1, 2010 and holding its first RRP class on September 25, 2010, LeadSMART Training Solutions teaches to both the EPA RRP and Massachusetts Lead Safe Renovation (LSR) Standards. Early on, our educational offerings expanded to include certification courses in OSHA safety standards and respirator use, as well as Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License renewal.

LeadSMART class offerings continually increased over the years to include the Massachusetts Moderate Risk Deleader certificate, additional OSHA courses, private classes and consulting, and Portuguese language classes as well as a wide array of on-line classes for both the individual and small business owner.

Peter is able to use his 30+ years of business acumen in residential construction and remodeling to offer unique, reality-based training that keeps contractors coming back. Covering Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut, LeadSMART live classes are always well received.

While the poisoning of the entire town of Flint, Michigan, has captured the nation’s attention, the problem of lead poisoning is much larger than one city. Although serious in nature and questionable decisions at the very least, our aging housing inventory has proven to be the most challenging and dangerous areas of concern for both – those who reside in these homes and those who work on them.

Many of us contractors love doing what we do. Most of us do not have a backup career should we loose the ability to provide for our family with our skills our bodies perform. Yet we risk these every day working the way we were taught. Perhaps it’s a time to stop challenging Lady Luck. Maybe there is a better way. Working safe increases the chances that…

(Your family counts on it and told us to say this!)


CONTACT: Peter Lawton, Founder & Senior Principle Trainer