From day one, LeadSMART has surveyed contractors, business owners and others who take or contract for our classes. Feedback from thousands of surveys has given us a constant flow of information about how our trainers are doing and how the course content satisfies the needs of our customers. It’s blown our minds how positive the feedback has been: more than 90% are filled with specific praise, gratitude and a promise to return. Here’s a small sampling of what they write…

“Scott really has a gift for keeping the class engaged and made the experience very enjoyable and interesting. I feel like I got a great value for the price of the course. I hope to take more courses with him in the future.”

“Scott was an amazing instructor that made sure all the material was understood before moving on to a new subject! Any and all questions were answered in a way that made it very easy to comprehend! It was like talking to another contractor that was relaying all the information needed! I now understand the importance of Lead safety and will watch out for houses built before 1978! Very much appreciate Scott and all the hard work he put in during the whole 8 hour course! 10/5 would recommend to anyone and everyone! Will let people know to get their certification only with this company! ”

“The instructor obviously cares very much about the material he teaches and making sure that families and children stay safe through this difficult process. Thank you for being excellent.”

“Peter was a good fit. He was down to earth, unpretentious and engaging. He had a great knowledge of the topics and the newest changes to the Mass building and energy codes. I would definitely go back to his class again.”

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable of the Massachusetts and EPA guidelines. Not only did we learn how to use our books, fill out paperwork, watch videos, we also had some in class training on how to properly set up our job sites. I highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to get lead certified.”

“The Leadsmart instructor was incredible! I’ve been to many classes and he made the time fly. That never happens.”

“They did a great job going over the materials and making the class very interactive! I will definitely be checking out other classes in the future.”

“Our instructor did an awesome job keeping the class engaged all day long. He did a great job using his personal experiences to help teach the class. I hope in 5 years I get him as the instructor again.”

“Thank you for conducting the training at our facility over the past couple of months. I have received great feedback from employees about the training and instructors. The classes had great content and instructors were great in keeping staff engaged during the training, which can be difficult. I couldn’t ask for a better training firm for my staff and looking forward to setting up programs in the future.”

“It was a good course. Instructor did his best to make very boring material sufferable. I appreciated the water and snacks.”

“Scott the instructor was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and precise with his teachings. Happy I got certified.”

“This training program was great and exceeded my expectation and the instructor really knew what he was talking about. I really 100% recommend this training.”

“My LeadSmart instructor was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and precise with his teachings. Happy I got certified.”

“I found that learning from a contractor is best. They understand the work and attitude of being a contractor and applying it to the material.”

“Kept us engaged, entertained and was very encouraging and helpful. Recommend in a heartbeat!”

“This training program was great and exceeded my expectation and the instructor really knew what he was talking about. I really 100% recommend this training if you are in  painting and renovation jobs and if you want to step into the next level economically and the service you provide your client.”

“Our instructor was very good. He kept the entire class focused and I honestly felt like I learn some important things where I truly didn’t think I would. Having contractors train contractors is an incredible business design and I wish more tradesmen did it.”

“I’ll recommend you guys to anyone.”

“Thank you for all the years of excellent training classes.  I have now gone into another stage of my career, ( semi retirement ), and work for another company and not myself. I have let my licenses expire, given up my website and phones, and advertisements on my truck. Again, love you Peter, you are the best, and your team is also the best….thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Scott did a great job and provided good information in an easy-to-understand way. As someone new to the industry, I was able to follow along with the material and got a lot out of our class.”

“Great Class. The instructor Scott was very knowledgeable and was able to bring in examples from his years in the business which made some of the concepts easier to understand. Scott invited questions and comments from the class in order to get all questions answered. We did normal classroom learning and then a hands-on exercise in which everyone got a chance to apply the concepts. Others in the class took pictures to use to teach their own crews.”

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