What’s the Difference?

I hear this a lot. And I admit, it can be confusing. Both the EPA and authorized states like Massachusetts call both the Company License to perform RRP and the personal RRP certifications the same thing: Certification.

But, they are different.

Individual Certification

Companies like LeadSMART Training Solutions train individuals. The training certificate earned by the individual stays with the individual even if they change jobs. And while a company might have every one of its employees trained and certified to RRP, that does not mean the company can legally perform RRP work. In other words, this certification is the document that proves YOU have been trained to do the work correctly.

Helpful HINT: The individual certificate has your picture on it.

An employee (or employees) holding RRP certification does mean that when the company can legally perform RRP work, it has the personnel who can do it. The individual training certificate is what legally allows an individual to perform RRP work.

Firm Certification (Company License)

I like to call the Firm Certification a Company License. That makes it clear it is a different piece of paper from the individual certificate. However, I may be the only one who states it this way.

Once a company has a RRP certified worker, they can apply for Firm Certification. If in Massachusetts, or any other authorized state, it will be a state application. If the company is in an EPA state, it is an EPA license. (If you’re not sure if you are in an authorized state or an EPA state, click here for information. Or, ask the appropriate regulatory department in your state.)

The firm certification, i.e., company license, is what allows your company to legally provide RRP projects or sign contracts for this type of work.

If you’re not sure where to get the application you need, visit our Forms page. It’s easy to find the form you need.

Helpful HINT: The firm certificate DOES NOT have your picture on it.

But I’m an Independent Contractor. No way I need both!

Sorry, but you do. If you’re not getting a W-2 from someone at the end of the year for your taxes, that means you are considered a “company” by the IRS. You pay your taxes to the IRS quarterly, right?

So that means that not only do you need to get your individual RRP training certificate, but you will need to apply for Firm Certification/Company License. Once you have both in hand, then, and only then, can you legally perform RRP work.

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