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The LeadSMART Motto is: We All Go Home Today. That’s why LeadSMART Training solutions focuses on EPA & Massachusetts lead regulations and OSHA training.

The LeadSMART mission is pretty simple:

  1. Provide the best buying experience possible to our clients.
  2. Provide the products our clients need to succeed.

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LeadSMART Training Solutions EPA RRP and Massachusetts LSR classes are taught to the Federal and State standards required for certification. You can learn more about these programs by clicking here for the EPA and here for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Or, you can click here, through to the LeadSMART blog to learn all about the lead paint law and why it is so critical for homeowners to hire renovators who are appropriately trained and certified.

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Need to renew your Massachusetts Contractor Supervisor License? Our training is approved by the MA BBRS. Choose the training option below that best fits your needs:

Do you work on homes build before 1978? If so, chances are you’ll need Lead Paint Certification.

Did you receive your RRP certification 5 years ago? Then it’s time to take Lead Paint Refresher class.

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