On Demand Safety Training

There’s a new way to train your crew to be safe on the job, and we think you’re going to like it -- a lot. It means no loss of production time, less cost and a solid chance your crew will retain the information and change unsafe behaviors. Our On Demand Safety Training offers: Short, informative videos -- one safety topic at a time -- sent directly to workers and supervisors three times each month. They can [...]

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Surprise! COVID did not stop the Lead Cops

With the chaos of 2020, some of you may have let your safety guard down thinking, “Who’s going to catch us? I bet those EPA inspectors are staying home.” Hopefully you remained diligent when working with our favorite neurotoxin because it turns out EPA continued to punish those who did not. Home Depot took a hit, and there were plenty of little guys who suffered, too. Home Depot to pay $20,750,000 for nationwide failure to follow rules [...]

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From the Desk of Peter

"Can you take a call" Sue asked with the phone in her hand – "he really wants to speak with you." I felt my mind race with possibilities – the next few minutes brought me to my knees. “I am sorry to bother you, but you need to hear this --- I have been attending your classes now for over six years. Last year I listened to something you have said repeatedly during your silica talk about [...]

Getting Back to Work SAFELY with COVID-19

Hey Lead Guys and Gals --- don’t you look smart now!! Buckle up folks, you won’t recognize your job sites when you return. UNLESS of course you are a lead paint (RRP/LSR) worker! Ninety percent of the practices that are taught in your lead paint class are the very same conditions you will now face. You folks who work with lead, you will see a few minor additional items but honestly not many. A respected associate of [...]

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Having Fun Yet?

If you told me a month ago I would be able to take a month or two and relax very soon, I would have had you admitted to the insane asylum. This time we are all experiencing is to say the least – chaotic. Here’s some things I have found out about myself during this trying time: I was not meant to be at home very long (ask my wife) I am more of a workaholic than [...]

Court decides Sub-contractors are your workers….They really are just like your family

Have kids? Want them safe? Ever have to be the bad parent to keep them that way? Ever been told the homework is all done…..when you know better? Have you ever had to be that parent and discipline them – for their own good? Have Subcontractors? Want them safe? Ever have to be the bad parent to keep them that way? Ever been told the work is all done…..when you know better? Have you ever had to [...]

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JLC Online: Working Lead-Safe

A recent article in JLC Online, “Working Lead-Safe,” by Tom O'Brien, is hitting the ’net. If you’re not a subscriber, click here to read the full article. It quotes one of your favorite trainers, Peter Lawton. An excerpt: None of us are getting any younger. And for some remodelers, the years seem to have taken a heavier toll; High blood pressure, kidney trouble, memory problems, mood disorders, and erectile dysfunction are all age-related maladies. But each is [...]

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Lead Paint Poisoning on Last Week Tonight

In case you missed it, John Oliver of HBO's Last Week Tonight, had an extensive, highly accurate monologue about lead poisoning in the United States. While showcasing his unique brand of humor, it was right on the money about the pervasiveness of the problem of lead poisoning. Click here to view. And folks... stay healthy! Peter & the LeadSMART team

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