Do You Know This Guy?

Meet Scott Spyropoulos. Scott was one of the original founders of LeadSMART back in 2010. In addition to being one of the best finish painters in the industry along with his history with LeadSMART, he has become a well known expert in lead paint regulations in many states as well as his experience based knowledge of safety practices in the field. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to have him as your trainer. Last month, Scott was [...]

2023-11-13T16:55:48-04:00November 13th, 2023|LEAD PAINT NEWS|

Hey Lead Heads, Have you Heard? 3M Stops Making LeadCheck Test Kits

Recently without a notice to anyone, 3M announced it is no longer offering the LeadCHECK product. They do not intend to fulfill any existing purchase orders  -- end of line. IF you are a certified renovator, you are aware that LeadCHECK was one of 2 products approved by EPA. With LeadCHECKS departure, D-Lead, which is manufactured here in the US by ESCA Technologies, is the sole remaining product you are allowed to use when checking for leads [...]

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The BEST holiday bonus to give to your crew

As a former owner of a remodeling company, I struggled with ways to say thank you to the men and women who committed themselves to our company, customers and hard, dangerous work. Perhaps many of you do as well. Cash is forgotten moments after you hand it out, increased benefits will fade after a paycheck or two, parties – well, we all know the plus and minus of those! I remember asking a spouse of one of [...]

2023-01-02T10:22:32-04:00January 2nd, 2023|LEAD PAINT NEWS|

Rhode Island Certifies LeadSmart to Teach Lead Paint Certification RRP Classes

LeadSmart Training Solutions has been the go-to resource for teaching Lead Paint Certification Classes in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire for years. We have trained thousands of contractors on best practices to work safely and provide the best project safety for their customers. We are pleased to announce that the state of Rhode Island has now certified LeadSmart to provide the same great training in the Ocean State. In 2010, Rhode Island was granted delegation of [...]

2022-05-25T10:17:54-04:00May 25th, 2022|LEAD PAINT NEWS|

Not the Kind of Surprise You Want on Your Job!

Well, that didn’t take long. On February 1st, we notified you that the EPA was taking away any ambiguity about lead paint certification. Eight days later we announced that Leadsmart Training Solutions was finally approved to offer MA Lead Paint Moderate Risk classes. Things are moving fast. Within the last week or so, we’ve gotten a rising number of calls from LSR-S and EPA-RRP certified contractors in Massachusetts who are being surprised by local governance lead orders [...]

2022-03-02T18:29:03-04:00March 2nd, 2022|LEAD PAINT NEWS|

Now Offering MA Lead Paint Moderate Risk Classes

It’s been a long wait, but Leadsmart Training Solutions has finally been approved to offer Lead Paint Moderate Risk Classes for Massachusetts contractors. If you have your MA Lead Safe Renovator Supervisor (LSR-S) certificate, this is the next step to ensure that you can work on properties that are looking to receive a MA state Letter of Compliance (MA LOC). For all practical purposes… You need this class if you work on any size rental/income properties built [...]

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On Demand Safety Training

There’s a new way to train your crew to be safe on the job, and we think you’re going to like it -- a lot. It means no loss of production time, less cost and a solid chance your crew will retain the information and change unsafe behaviors. Our On Demand Safety Training offers: Short, informative videos -- one safety topic at a time -- sent directly to workers and supervisors three times each month. They can [...]

2021-01-22T10:13:30-04:00January 22nd, 2021|LEAD PAINT NEWS, OSHA NEWS|

Surprise! COVID did not stop the Lead Cops

With the chaos of 2020, some of you may have let your safety guard down thinking, “Who’s going to catch us? I bet those EPA inspectors are staying home.” Hopefully you remained diligent when working with our favorite neurotoxin because it turns out EPA continued to punish those who did not. Home Depot took a hit, and there were plenty of little guys who suffered, too. Home Depot to pay $20,750,000 for nationwide failure to follow rules [...]

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From the Desk of Peter

"Can you take a call" Sue asked with the phone in her hand – "he really wants to speak with you." I felt my mind race with possibilities – the next few minutes brought me to my knees. “I am sorry to bother you, but you need to hear this --- I have been attending your classes now for over six years. Last year I listened to something you have said repeatedly during your silica talk about [...]