There’s a new way to train your crew to be safe on the job, and we think you’re going to like it — a lot. It means no loss of production time, less cost and a solid chance your crew will retain the information and change unsafe behaviors.

Our On Demand Safety Training offers:

  • Short, informative videos — one safety topic at a time — sent directly to workers and supervisors three times each month. They can view them while off the job.
  • Helpful repetition and online quizzes to be sure they understand how to use the information.
  • Detailed reports to owners to show who participated, their scores and where additional training may be needed.
  • Proof for OSHA that your company is involved in a comprehensive, year-long safety program.

OSHA requires that you protect your workers with safety training and equipment. It’s a federal law. We know there are few, if any, business owners who have time to read those requirements and teach the safety practices that prevent injuries and save lives. With the daily pressure on your crew to stick to budgets and deadlines and produce quality work, it seems impossible to monitor and change those embedded work habits, no matter how unsafe.

That’s our job. LeadSMART trainers are seasoned tradespeople who have conducted hundreds of live, 8-hour classes and we put our hearts and souls into them. We also offer live site inspections to monitor and support positive changes in workplace safety.

Now, after researching teaching and learning, we came up with another layer that complements our live classes. If you’re new to safety training, On Demand Safety Training is a perfect way to begin, and if your workers have been to our 8-hour classes, it’s an effective follow-up and refresher.

Think of it as the Good, Better, and Best models.

Good: On Demand Safety Training.

Better: On Demand Safety Training + Live Training on specific topics important to your crew such as Fall Protection.

Best: On Demand Safety Training + Live Training + Job-site Inspections

We want to know we’re doing everything we can to ensure your workers go home safely at the end of each day, and we think this nails it.

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Stay Healthy,

The LeadSMART Team