Well, that didn’t take long.

On February 1st, we notified you that the EPA was taking away any ambiguity about lead paint certification. Eight days later we announced that Leadsmart Training Solutions was finally approved to offer MA Lead Paint Moderate Risk classes.

Things are moving fast. Within the last week or so, we’ve gotten a rising number of calls from LSR-S and EPA-RRP certified contractors in Massachusetts who are being surprised by local governance lead orders on properties they are ready to work on. They’re being told they need Moderate Risk certification before they can start the job.

Ask Before You Quote!

If you are a contractor in Massachusetts or Rhode Island asked to quote on a job in any property built before 1978, you should ALWAYS ask if there is a current lead order on file for the property before you quote or commit to the job.

Every state handles this differently. If there is a lead order on the property in MA, you need both LSR-S certification AND Moderate Risk certification. Only with Mod Risk will you be able to receive a MA state Letter of Compliance (MA LOC) to work on these properties.

Rhode Island has similar requirements, but different terms.

In Maine, NH and CT, there is no middle ground like you have in MA and RI. In these states, when a court order is registered, the property has to go directly to abatement. That requires a whole other level of training and certification.

The Bottom Line

There’s no wiggle room here. Several of our LSR-S and EPA-RRP certified contractors are quickly finding this out. It means losing time on the job until you get certification or totally losing the job. No doubt, your quotes on these jobs have to be done differently, with the additional requirements and time commitment in mind. Ask up front. Don’t get caught with your pants down!

Live and Video Classes Available

The 4-hour Live MA Lead Paint Moderate Risk Deleading Classes are filling up, so register now.

Don’t have time to get to a live Mod Risk training? Now we have a 4-hour video conferencing class via Zoom. It saves your travel and gives you the same level of information. Live classes are always best, but we’ve gotten great feedback on how this works for time-strapped contractors.

Have More Questions on Mod Risk?

If you’re still wondering how to navigate these waters, call our office. Our staff is fully versed in what you need to work in any lead environment.