LeadSmart Training Solutions has been the go-to resource for teaching Lead Paint Certification Classes in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire for years. We have trained thousands of contractors on best practices to work safely and provide the best project safety for their customers. We are pleased to announce that the state of Rhode Island has now certified LeadSmart to provide the same great training in the Ocean State.

In 2010, Rhode Island was granted delegation of authority by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to administer its own Renovation, Repair, and Painting program. This means that Rhode Island, like Massachusetts, can layer their own state laws on top of the federal EPA rules.

Rhode Island’s regulations differ from the federal Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule in at least two ways:

  • Parents with children younger than six years of age must use a licensed Lead Renovation Firm.
  • A certified Lead Renovator must always be on site.

RI contractors will learn, as those in the rest of New England have, that LeadSmart’s classes are different. We are contractors training contractors. We know what it’s like trying to sell a job and then deliver the promised service in a way that we are safe and our customers are too. We know taking 8 hours out of your work week is tough and we make it as informative and entertaining as possible (and provide lunch!)

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