LeadSmart Now Offers Online Respirator Training in Both English and Spanish!

OSHA requires employers to train and fit-test employees who use respiratory protection on the job and update that training every year. Construction dust can cause serious damage to workers’ health and cause life-threatening disease. If you or your crew are exposed to silica, wood or lead dust, you need a medical evaluation, respirator training and respirator fit testing.

While LeadSmart believes that in-person live classes are always the best way to learn, we realize that time constraints and logistics make in-person classes tough for some contractors. So, we have developed an engaging Online Respirator Training class.

LeadSmart now offers Online Respirator Training in both English and Spanish.

4 Ways LeadSmart Online Classes are Different:

  1. While most online classes are little more than a PowerPoint presentation with audio, LeadSmart’s online classes are written and produced by contractors for contractors.
  2. There is an instructor on screen actually teaching you what you need to know.
  3. Clear graphics and spot quizzes help to engage viewers and help them retain this life-saving information.
  4. LeadSmart can also be your Fit Test resource. Once your workers have a medical evaluation, we can schedule a private Fit Testing event at a location of your choice. With these two requirements complete, you can use the online class to complete the OSHA requirement and get certified.
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If you believe live classes are still the Gold Standard, we’ve got you covered.

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