LS Respirator Training On Demand

LS Respirator Training On Demand


This course is intended to meet OSHA’s 1910.134 training requirements for anyone who is required to wear a tight fitting respirator. The regulation states that prior to using a respirator, a medical evaluation, training and fit testing (if a tight fitting respirator is to be used) must be performed.

The regulation also states the training and fit testing must be performed annually as well as under certain circumstances.

This class is presented by LeadSMART’s founder, Peter Lawton, CSHO. The class length is approximately 1.75 hours and will meet the training requirements set out by OSHA’s 1910.134(k). (sample video and full description below)



During this class’s duration of approx. 1.75 hours, you will be shown:

  1. Conditions that could compromise protective effect
  2. Limitations and capabilities of respirator to use
  3. Inspection, use and seals of respirator
  4. Maintenance procedures and storage methods
  5. Medical signs and conditions that might prevent effective use of respirators
  6. Use of filters, cartridges and canisters

Upon successful completion of program, you will be able to print out your training certificate which will be needed to complete your fit testing with a local provider.