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Mastering Safety: The Importance of Supported Scaffold Training in Construction

In the dynamic world of construction, where elevated work platforms play a pivotal role, ensuring the safety of workers is of utmost importance. The LeadSMART Training’s Supported Scaffold Course stands out as a comprehensive and essential program for construction companies aiming to elevate safety standards on their job sites. Focused on scaffolds within OSHA 1926.451, the course covers various types commonly used in today's construction, including frame, system, pump jacks, roof jacks, and more. By combining OSHA [...]

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June 3rd is Approaching to Apply for Up To $25,000 in MA Workplace Safety Grants

Application Window Coming Soon As the MA Workplace Safety Grant process has become more paperless, it also has a much shorter window of when you can submit your application … it has been reduced to less than one month. (June 3rd-June 28th) The DIA sent out this email which walks you through the systematic process. IF you are considering this grant, I URGE you to have whomever will be in charge of this application to read this NOW. Click here [...]

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Up to $25,000 in Grant Money!

Application Window Coming Soon That's right – The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents just unveiled the 2025 Workplace Safety Grants. Applications will be accepted until July 5, 2024. Don't miss this narrow window – start your application process early to ensure you're not left behind. We've assisted numerous companies in securing this grant for safety training for their teams. Let's make this the year we assist you too. The application process is straightforward, and the staff you [...]

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Aerial Lift Training (MEWPS) in MA – Why Your Construction Company Should Invest

In the construction industry, safety is paramount. Ensuring that employees are well-trained and knowledgeable about the equipment they operate is not just a regulatory requirement but a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe work environment. This is where LeadSMART Training's Aerial Lift Training (MEWPS) course steps in. This comprehensive program is designed to meet the ANSI A92.22 Standard on Safe use, providing essential training on the safe operation and inspection of aerial lifts, boom lifts, and scissor [...]

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Need OSHA Respirator Training?

LeadSmart Now Offers Online Respirator Training in Both English and Spanish! OSHA requires employers to train and fit-test employees who use respiratory protection on the job and update that training every year. Construction dust can cause serious damage to workers’ health and cause life-threatening disease. If you or your crew are exposed to silica, wood or lead dust, you need a medical evaluation, respirator training and respirator fit testing. While LeadSmart believes that in-person live classes are [...]

We’ll Help You Get $25,000 to Keep Your Workers Safe

New Grant Applications Now Available Deadline August 31, 2022 The state of Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents just announced a new round of grants for safety education. The primary purpose of these grants is to fund programs that reduce the risk of injury and illness to workers and promote safe and healthy conditions in the workplace through training, education and preventative measures. LeadSmart Training helped six companies complete applications and win grant money for this program in [...]

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Smart Companies Plan a Day of Safety During Downtimes

It sucks to lose money. There’s no good time to take guys off the job, but seasonal businesses – especially those that can’t climb outdoors in New England’s winter months -  are realizing winter is the perfect time to hold safety trainings. This is the most time- and cost-efficient way to cover safety with your crew and planning time is NOW. A Clear Day in January or February is an Ideal Time for Safety Training – Now [...]

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Safety, Certifications, Licenses: Get them to work FOR you

I recently completed an OSHA 30 course for a residential housing developer in Wrentham, MA. Yes, you read this correctly: I taught a 4-day, 30-hour course for all this firm’s foremen and sub-contractors. It always impresses me when I see an organization that raises the bar of safety expectations beyond legal minimum requirements. And no, this training was not for a publicly funded project where it would be mandatory.  This is simply how this developer operates — [...]