It sucks to lose money. There’s no good time to take guys off the job, but seasonal businesses – especially those that can’t climb outdoors in New England’s winter months –  are realizing winter is the perfect time to hold safety trainings. This is the most time- and cost-efficient way to cover safety with your crew and planning time is NOW.

A Clear Day in January or February is an Ideal Time for Safety Training – Now Booking!

Alpha Weatherproofing of Somerville, Massachusetts partnered with LeadSmart Training and our sister company Parker Safety Group to do just that last winter. With 34 guys who spend most of their days on suspended scaffolding, scissor lifts and aerial lifts, two clear days in February ended up being the ideal time to cover all the safety training, certifications, insurance enrollments and respirator fit testing and sizing.

With 7 Leadsmart and Parker Safety trainers doing MEWPS training, respirator training and silica training, the crew could work through every facet of their safety requirements and were ready to roll for Spring 2021 with knowledge and certifications.

Why Partner with Leadsmart for Your Training?

We make it simple for you. You tell us the subjects you need to cover and the number of employees you need to certify and we do the planning and execution at a location convenient for you. Leadsmart can set up private training for as few as 8 employees and can handle many more than that at a well-planned and orchestrated Leadsmart safety event.

Our trainers are contractors. They know how to make training valuable (even fun) for your crew.

Call Peter today and walk through your company’s needs and we’ll give you a quote on how we can make this happen.

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