OSHA – Employee Respirator Protection Training & Fit Testing

This class is designed to meet OSHA’s training requirement for employers who are required to provide respiratory protection for their employees.

During this three hour class students will be shown:

  • Why respirators are needed and their limitations
  • How to use, inspect and maintain their respirators
  • General requirements of the Respirator Standard
  • Provide medical evaluation coordination
  • Provide 3M 7500 series half mask with HEPA filters for those medically cleared for use
  • QNFT Fit Testing* will be administered to anyone who has medical clearance. Call Peter for details.

A certificate of completion will be issued at completion of course.

Employers receive training records and laminated fit testing cards for their files.

Medical Clearance Policy

Registrants must pass a medical evaluation prior to the class date. A required medical clearance letter must be submitted prior to the class date. Students who do not pass the medical evaluation will not be allowed to participate in the fit testing portion of the class. Walk-in students are not allowed due to the required medical evaluation. Upon registration for the class and upon request, LeadSMART Training Solutions will walk students through the medical evaluation process to receive the required medical clearance letter.

Time: Approximately 3 Hrs

These services are normally provided at your location or site. Costs will vary depending on amount of people attending and travel time.