As a former owner of a remodeling company, I struggled with ways to say thank you to the men and women who committed themselves to our company, customers and hard, dangerous work. Perhaps many of you do as well.

Cash is forgotten moments after you hand it out, increased benefits will fade after a paycheck or two, parties – well, we all know the plus and minus of those!

I remember asking a spouse of one of our lead carpenters for her input on an appropriate gift….

“SEND HIM HOME TO US EVERY NIGHT” as her smile retreated.

Was not expecting that and yet here I sit some twenty years later, and I can still hear her words……

I get the honor to speak with many contractors at various events and when inevitably asked what I do – the word “safety” typically kills the previously friendly chat. That awful four-letter word is uttered……OSHA!!! Followed by …. we are pretty safe… I’ve been meaning to get to this… 20 years and OSHA has never been on my site…. This type of thinking is how casinos thrive. Just one more throw of the dice…. are you feeling lucky today?

I have met a few who weren’t so lucky.

Does your effort to keep your crew safe at least match the effort put into the holiday bonuses?

Timing is everything – as you re-visit your firms’ goals for the upcoming year, have you placed safety in your list of targets? There are many solid reasons for you to do this – it isn’t all about morality.

Here’s a few reasons to consider upping your safety game:

  • Businesses who create a safe environment attract the more seasoned craftsperson (I see this constantly in real life),
  • Your workers are your best resource and asset
  • Spend less on training replacement workers – keeping workers safe reduces loss days of production capacity
  • Experience better work comp mod factors which affect your cost of doing business
  • Businesses who operate with a safety culture also attract better clients.

Whatever motivates you to increase your focus on your crew’s safety really doesn’t matter…. All that does matter is:


We are a complete safety resource for you. From leaders in quality training both in person and our own safety videos, safety products, job site inspections and yes, we will represent you should you find yourself in OSHA’s enforcement grasp. I welcome your call to discuss your safety goals.

I truly wish you a happy break from the madness over the next few weeks. Refresh, renourish and come back rejuvenated to be the best leader you can be. Your crew trusts you to keep your word.

Stay Healthy and Profitable,


Peter Lawton, CSHO

LeadSMART Training Solutions

Parker Safety Group

Peter can be reached by any of the following points of contact:   603.841.7070  508.735.6041