Tengo algo emocionante que decirte!

Sound like your jobsite?

Ever wonder how you are going to get these hard working people on your site trained in a language they can understand? We did – and I feel you might want to read this.

Our workforce has changed in so many ways over the past few years. Mixtures of ages, genders, languages, religious backgrounds and yes might I be brave enough to say political views have changed the jobsites that I was groomed on.  The challenges I faced were tough enough (and still remain) yet now you must face these additional challenges to keep your work moving forward.

OSHA states every worker must be trained how to perform their tasks safely and it must be in a language they can understand. This is not as simple as it seems.

We have embarked on providing to you, our valued clients, ways to assist you in achieving this regulation. Through our partners we have been offering:

  • Lead paint classes in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • OSHA 10/30 in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • We are actively searching for a full time team mate to join us to be even more accommodating to our clients outside New England. (Call me if you think this could be you!)
  • We have converted our Silica and Respirator Training Videos into Spanish

I am thrilled to announce to you our first 7 safety videos have been just converted into Spanish and now available for your consideration.

We have grouped a few of these videos for your ease:

In all we have over 16 videos currently in English, we are busy re-creating our additional safety videos in Spanish and hope to release over the next few months. Here’s a list of our current Safety Videos:

Fall Protection – Basic Training (Also available in Spanish)
Fall Protection – Geek Level (Also available in Spanish)
Fall Protection – Rescue Planning (Also available in Spanish)
Fall Protection – Stopping the Fall (Also available in Spanish)
Scaffolds – Basic
Scaffolds – Advanced
Ladders – Basic (Also available in Spanish)
Ladders – Advanced (Also available in Spanish)
Permitted Confined Spaces
Personal Protection Equipment (Also available in Spanish)
GHS – How to Apply on Jobsites
Hazard Communication & How to Read an SDS

See a topic in English you need in Spanish? Drop me an email (peter@leadsmarttraining.com). I will advise you on when we can get it done for you.

For more information on our Safety on Demand classes, please click here. Volume discounts are available.

Sample Videos

Fall Protection – English

Fall Protection – Spanish

Life is full of challenges. How we meet these define who we are. Will you lead into the future or watch it sail ahead without you?

We are determined to continue to be your trusted partner and have what you need when you need it. We couldn’t be still here with any less effort. You keep us motivated to be your partner. Something we take more seriously than just a marketing phrase.



Peter Lawton, CSHO