This course will focus on supported scaffolds used in todays construction that are contained within OSHA 1926.451. Attendees will learn the various types more commonly used such as frame, system, pump jacks, roof jacks etc. Course will combine OSHA regulations with appropriate ANSI Standards to provide a high level of how to apply to jobsites. At successful completion of course attendees will receive Certificate of Completion.

To meet ANSI requirements of training, a written test will be administered.  A passing grade of 75% is expected to successfully complete course.

A thorough training for beginners as well as those “veterans” who work on elevated platforms brave enough to understand what they might be doing incorrectly in the field. Presentation incorporates the OSHA regulations contained in Subpart L as well as blending in with ANSI standards of elevated work platforms.

The content of this course will present the general scaffold requirements along with specific requirements including daily inspections to the following type of supported scaffolds:

  • Fabricated Frame
  • Systems
  • Horse
  • Carpenter Bracket
  • Pump Jacks
  • Ladder Jacks
  • Roof Jacks
  • Crawling Boards
  • Step & Trestle Ladder

Class Duration: 8 hrs