OSHA – Respirator Program Development


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Respirator Program Administrator Training

Think twice before issuing respirators to your employees in ANY circumstance. According to OSHA (1926.62 appendix B section IV paragraph F) “Respirators are the least satisfactory means of controlling your exposure levels”…. we firmly believe that worn or used incorrectly they can pose a greater health threat than not wearing one at all. There is a specific process to follow and establish in your place of employment. Starting with establishing a PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR who will be in charge of the entire process from development to evaluation.

This course is meant for that person who will be in charge – in many situations it will be the owner, supervisor or site foreman. During this class we will cover:

  • • Hazard recognition
  • • Respirator Selection
  • • Medical Evaluations
  • • Fit Testing Requirements
  • • Employee Training Program
  • • Program Evaluation

A certificate of completion will be issued upon class completion.

Time: 8 hrs (Full Day)
Cost: $199 includes materials

If you have questions, please call Peter at 508-731-6054.