Festool HEPA Dust Extractors – Do They Really Work?

My mentor, John Zilka, taught me in 1997 the value of working with water and negative air machines. These simple yet effective machines have not only kept our crews safe when working in dirty old lead homes but also keep irritant dust contained and not in our lungs or our customers. These machines became as standard as saws on our sites - we wouldn't ever consider not working with them. Fast forward to last year in Salem, [...]

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Do You KISS Your Customers?

Recently I had to get my transmission rebuilt. You see, I simply love love love my Durangos. My fourth one to date and one thing I know I can count on is at about 160,000 miles I will be rebuilding my transmission. So when I walked in to Fred’s shop (yes the names have been changed to protect the innocent) – I was shocked. A clean reception area where the coffee was actually made on the same day! [...]

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