If you told me a month ago I would be able to take a month or two and relax very soon, I would have had you admitted to the insane asylum. This time we are all experiencing is to say the least – chaotic.

Here’s some things I have found out about myself during this trying time:

  • I was not meant to be at home very long (ask my wife)
  • I am more of a workaholic than my family has been telling me
  • Being with family is overrated when done in large amounts of time
  • The refrigerator is the enemy and cannot be trusted

We just had our first VIRTUAL class for MA LSR – Refresher. Due to these special conditions, MA has authorized us to offer our MA LSR Refresher (some call it MA RRP) course in a virtual manner. This is much different than online. Our same instructors in a class set up without the students. The students are at their own home and participate easily.

I must say I was somewhat resistant to this. However, the team at LS really pulled off a great job. Special kudos to David.  The student’s evaluations ranged from this being their first time using an online training and how easy it was up to the experienced contractor saying he uses online training frequently and we did a great job.

We have added more dates for those of you not working to make the best of your time or even if you are working and need your certification renewed before you pass the grace period of one year. Check it out on our website (www.leadsmarttraining.com). Remember all you EPA states, MA training is honored in every state – so those of you working in ME, NH, VT or CT – you too can get your certificate refreshed now.

With this input from our clients, we are preparing to release in VIRTUAL format our silica classes as well. Check back to our site soon for when we release this.

Meanwhile, keep busy. Get your home “to-do” list reduced. Go for a hike. Do something you always tell yourself when working you wish you had time to do. We will all get through this and return to what we do the best…… meaningful work.

See you on the other side…….