As we prepare to return to the field, let’s make this time work for us. OSHA’s Crystalline Silica standards (1926.1153) requires workers be trained in the hazards of silica, medical requirements and best practices (1926.1153(i)(2)(i))

We have been offering this training live for sometime now. Before our “staycation”, we have represented two firms who found themselves on the wrong side of Silica citations. Not our preferred way to begin working with you.

This dangerous hazard can be found in cement work, siding, tile wall prep, glazers and dry wall sanding. Do you think you might work with this product??

Due to the current state of emergency (SOE), we are also holding VIRTUAL classes on this topic. You can choose to attend day or night classes as long as we are in this SOE. Check out our class schedule. The class will take approx. 3 hours and you will be sent out our certificates within 3-5 days of class completion.

Hopefully you will return stronger with knowledge than you had before the break.

See you back in the field someday soon!