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Keeping Your Crew Trained & Safe

This is NOT an approved EPA lead paint test. You don't want your crew testing for lead paint like this! Learn from my mistakes. Everybody goes home today. You've heard me say it often enough if you've been reading my blog. I know how hard it can be to keep your crew safe. It's even more difficult when there is a language barrier. That's why I decided to add Portuguese-language LSR-S (MA RRP) & OSHA [...]

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Looking for HES Training?

Our friends at Home Performance Institute of New England told us Connecticut contractors looking for HES certification need EPA Lead Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) certification and OSHA 10 Construction classes in addition to BPI training. We’re very excited to hold both of these critical classes at our new partner location, the Home Performance Institute of New England, located in Stamford, Connecticut. There, students receive the same high quality training they’ve come to expect from LeadSMART Training [...]