Can We Get Back to Work Now???

Holidays in the mirror, WHERE ARE YOU HEADED? Ben Franklin once said “Fish and visitors smell in three days” I truly hope you found quality time away from your office, clients and projects to rest, re-charge and re-focus, and enjoy family and friends who hopefully did not stay too long. With your needs in mind, […]

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The Truth about Renewing a Construction Supervisor License CSL

Folks, you might have been barking up the wrong tree on renewing your CSL. There are a lot of myths out there about renewing your Construction Supervisor’s License. Hopefully this will clear some of them up and give you the leg up!   Question:  I heard my CSL renewal form had to be in to […]

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To Renew my Construction Supervisor License, I Need Those @*# CEUs!

This is what we typically hear after answering our phone. Frustration is putting it mildly. I get it guys, you don’t want this or any other regulation regarding your work. However, if you choose to stay in the field of construction, you have to get these continuing education credits. The choice is by whom — […]

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