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"Can you take a call" Sue asked with the phone in her hand – "he really wants to speak with you." I felt my mind race with possibilities – the next few minutes brought me to my knees. “I am sorry to bother you, but you need to hear this --- I have been attending your classes now for over six years. Last year I listened to something you have said repeatedly during your silica talk about [...]


Monday at 2:08 in the afternoon, we received an email from BBRS that basically states the following: ▪ July 10 (hmmm that was a few days ago!) Gov Baker removed the previous state license delays which includes your CSL. If you wish to read the announcement, click here. Which means this: ▪ Any CSL that expired from March 10 up to July 10 of this year – you have until 10.10.2020 (October 10) to renew your license. ▪ [...]

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Court decides Sub-contractors are your workers….They really are just like your family

Have kids? Want them safe? Ever have to be the bad parent to keep them that way? Ever been told the homework is all done…..when you know better? Have you ever had to be that parent and discipline them – for their own good? Have Subcontractors? Want them safe? Ever have to be the bad parent to keep them that way? Ever been told the work is all done…..when you know better? Have you ever had to [...]

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Can We Get Back to Work Now???

Holidays in the mirror, WHERE ARE YOU HEADED? Ben Franklin once said "Fish and visitors smell in three days" I truly hope you found quality time away from your office, clients and projects to rest, re-charge and re-focus, and enjoy family and friends who hopefully did not stay too long. With your needs in mind, we have been busy planning for the new year and have some exciting introductions. Today we are announcing our online safety training [...]

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Online Safety Classes Won’t Replace Live Instructors & Classrooms

Online Safety training -- it seems perfect. It usually costs less, you won’t miss a day on the job and, assuming you have a computer to use, you can take your class anywhere. Why even consider the old-fashioned way of sitting in a class with an instructor? If you haven’t already, you might want to try an online class. Google a topic you want to learn about and start simple, maybe one to three hours. It will [...]

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Lead Certification is the Cheapest and Fastest Way to Renew your MA CSL

You’ve been putting off that RRP class you need to bid on lead jobs AND you need CEUs to renew your CSL license. BUT, you don’t want to lose money by taking a lot of time off from your jobs to do it. Is this your life? As former contractors, we understand completely and have an easy solution that will save you time and money. If you are a builder, contractor, or remodeler who needs the RRP [...]

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The Truth about Renewing a Construction Supervisor License CSL

Folks, you might have been barking up the wrong tree on renewing your CSL. There are a lot of myths out there about renewing your Construction Supervisor's License. Hopefully this will clear some of them up and give you the leg up!   Question:  I heard my CSL renewal form had to be in to the state 60 days before my license expires. Truth:  You have a one-year “grace” period to renew after your expiration date without [...]

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To Renew my Construction Supervisor License, I Need Those @*# CEUs!

This is what we typically hear after answering our phone. Frustration is putting it mildly. I get it guys, you don’t want this or any other regulation regarding your work. However, if you choose to stay in the field of construction, you have to get these continuing education credits. The choice is by whom -- someone from the field or ?? Where and how you go about this confuses many. Let’s take a few minutes to give [...]

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