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COVID-19 Safety and Health Plan

UPDATED to MA REQUIREMENTS of 5.18.2020 Our sister company, Parker Safety Group, has been actively following and researching the CDC guidelines, OSHA updates and various state DPH like BOSTON to understand what steps our industry must take to SAFELY return our crews to work. PSG has created a 20 page Safety and Health Plan for construction job sites that incorporate these agencies. Many towns are beginning to require a Covid S&H plan at time of permit application. [...]

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Live LSR/RRP Classes

We here at LeadSMART have been offering classes we are allowed to offer online and in virtual methods. If you are reading this, I am sure you have received a “few” emails from us. Starting JUNE 1st, we are beginning our LIVE RRP/LSR classes throughout New England. They will look different in size, appearances and practices. We have done our homework and are prepared to move forward as many of you needing the initial trainings have called. [...]

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Getting Back to Work SAFELY with COVID-19

Hey Lead Guys and Gals --- don’t you look smart now!! Buckle up folks, you won’t recognize your job sites when you return. UNLESS of course you are a lead paint (RRP/LSR) worker! Ninety percent of the practices that are taught in your lead paint class are the very same conditions you will now face. You folks who work with lead, you will see a few minor additional items but honestly not many. A respected associate of [...]

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CSL Renewal Guidance

As the dust settles…………….. Recently, BBRS issued some form of relief to those of us CSL’s who need to renew their current license. Since then we have been inundated with phone calls and questions. TODAY, we received some clarifications provided by BBRS regarding your earned CEU’s and IF you qualify to take advantage of these temporary changes. FIRST – the Official Statements: Order Extending Licensed Professionals. The Order applies to licenses, certificates, or registrations, in good standing [...]

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Before you get back working full time, let’s take care of your SILICA training

As we prepare to return to the field, let's make this time work for us. OSHA’s Crystalline Silica standards (1926.1153) requires workers be trained in the hazards of silica, medical requirements and best practices (1926.1153(i)(2)(i)) We have been offering this training live for sometime now. Before our “staycation”, we have represented two firms who found themselves on the wrong side of Silica citations. Not our preferred way to begin working with you. This dangerous hazard can be [...]

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Do Dust Masks Require Respirator Protection Training?

Parker, the namesake of Parker Safety Group, says: the short answer is YES. A dust mask is a respirator which means it requires Respirator Protection Training and more… I wrote this article a few years ago. Perhaps it’s time to revise it. FIRST – let’s be clear. Dust masks are filtering face pieces and absolutely require medical evaluations, training and fit testing. To read the actual regulation, follow this link (bring coffee!) Respiratory Regulation. However, these are [...]

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We offer both INITIAL CSL Preparatory Classes as well as RENEWAL CSL Classes. INITIAL CSL Information regarding your initial CSL testing can be found below on our LICENSES tab which will direct you to MA site providing you with all the information you need. To prepare for your test, we suggest you participate in one of our preparatory classes. We offer both an online course as well as a LIVE in person class throughout MA. LIVE CLASSES [...]

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Having Fun Yet?

If you told me a month ago I would be able to take a month or two and relax very soon, I would have had you admitted to the insane asylum. This time we are all experiencing is to say the least – chaotic. Here’s some things I have found out about myself during this trying time: I was not meant to be at home very long (ask my wife) I am more of a workaholic than [...]

End of Year Happenings

Got a Minute? Ever put off something so long you finally say TODAY it will get done! I figured the day after Thanksgiving would be perfect. Get in here by 8 (yes I slept in!) and get this written. No one will be calling, I should have the place to myself. I just saw the clock turn to 4 - and this is as far as I got. I did however have great phone conversations with customers [...]

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MA Municipalities Must Now Protect Their Workers to OSHA Standards

BREAKING NEWS!! Ever drive by a road repair and see workers in a trench without any protection and say “OSHA WOULD BE ON MY SITE IN A MINUTE IF I DID THAT!!” Thanks to Governor Baker, as of February 1, 2019, all municipalities must train and protect their workers just like you are required on your jobsites. Baker signed the law (Chapter 44 of the Acts of 2018) on March 9, 2018 and will go into effect [...]

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