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How To Determine if Lead-Based Paint is Present

As RRP certified contractors know, lead paint testing is required prior to the start of the renovation project. This testing must be done on all surfaces impacted by the work or it must be assumed that the existing paint is lead-based.

Testing must be performed by the appropriate, qualified professional. In Massachusetts, Lead Safe Renovator-Supervisors (LSRS) may use the EPA recognized test kits or the paint chip sampling method. In EPA states, the Certified Renovator could conduct these tests.

Video graciously provided by 3M.

There are two EPA recognized test kits available:

  1. The 3MTM LeadCheckTM Swab | Click here to order
  2. Klean Strip D-Lead Paint Test Kit | Click here to order

Remember, results from tests conducted by qualified professionals must be reported to the client as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after completion of the renovation project.

Video graciously provided by 3M.

In case there is any question, to the right our fearless leader, Peter Lawton, shows a method you should NEVER, ever use when testing for lead paint:

3MTM Half Facepiece Respirator 7500 Series

Proper use of a respirator keeps the dust out while allowing you to breath. As a RRP contractor, you know that you should take respirator fit test training every year. This video is not intended to replace your annual fit test training, nor should you use it as such. But it can be used as a reminder in-between the training.

There are several models of respirators offered by 3M and other vendors. If your employer doesn’t provide you with a respirator, search for a fit test training provider that either provides a mask with the training or will discuss with you the type of mask you should purchase (and bring to the training!).

Video graciously provided by 3M.