This MA Construction Supervisor License Hybrid Course (CSL) 12 Hour is approved by BBRS for the required topics below:

6 Hour Live Class

• Business (2)

• Code (2)

• Energy (2)

6 Hour Online Class

• Code (2)

• Workplace Safety (1)

• Lead (1)

• Energy (1)

• Business Practice (1)

This hybrid CSL course consists of 6 hours live in class and 6 hours online. This course will give you the required credits needed to renew your CSL license.

This online recorded presentation is our very own – replacing previously used vendors. Although not ready for Hollywood, we truly believe you will enjoy the pace and ease as our same instructors you have met in class bring you through the required topics.

Time: 12 hrs
Cost: $254

Here is a description of our Mass Construction Supervisor License Course (CSL) contents:

6 Hour Live Class

Energy Code – The Residential Energy code has been updated with MA Amendments ahead of the 9th edition of the MA Building Code. Changes as well as new items that this code brings to the field are discussed during this module. Now includes the Energy Code changes that will be effective in 2023.

Building Envelope FAQ’s – Review and explanation of most frequently asked questions regarding the building envelope with special focus on remodeling projects.

Managing Your Risk – A top ten list on Managing Subcontractors – How to Best Avoid Spending Time with Lawyers!

Certificates of Insurance – A concise presentation explaining the details of what a certificate of insurance is and how to use for your contractual obligations.

6 Hour Online Class

Job site Safety – This course reviews role separation from General Contractors and Sub Contractors as well as the obligations for overall site safety, hygiene and occupational hazards our job sites encounter.
Lead Safety – History, medical symptoms and treatments, best practices and long term health concerns are addressed in this course.
Workers Compensation – History, Review of Rule IX, classifications and Modification Factor are some of the details this course covers.
Understanding Vapor Barriers – Definitions, Climate Zones, assembly requirements, Dew Point and its application to assemblies and best practices for roof and wall assemblies are explained in detail.
Code Review
  • CSL Administration — CSL renewal requirements, code book access, HIC inclusion and instructions on how to renew your license
  • Chapter 3 Residential Covers changes in Chapter 3 of the MA Building Code for One and Two
  • Family Dwellings – 9th Edition.
  • Firetstopping – use same explanation found on the 12 ceu course