MA CSL Renewal Course – 6 Hour LIVE Class – Day 2 – OPTION

  • Code (3 hrs)
  • Lead (1 hr)
  • Workplace Safety (2)


Here is a description of our Mass Construction Supervisor License Course (CSL) 6 Hour Day 2 content:

Time: 6 hrs (1 Day)
Cost: $175 includes LUNCH

Lead Safety – “Dangers of Dust”. Looking at how the dust we breathe on our projects can lead to long term illnesses. Not to be confused with RRP, this course looks at lead painted surfaces as well as Crystalline Silica on where these items are to be found, how they work medically in our systems and how to avoid these harmful particulates.

Code Review – Ventilation in the Building Code – Build it tight, Ventilate Right. A look at ventilation in our homes and what the code requirements are as compared to best practices.

Elective – Understanding Mold in Homes & Structures. Understanding the cause, the related damages and costs as well as how to prevent mold in the projects you build.

Code Review – Roof Designs – How to design roofs that don’t give a damn! Those pesky leaks — a way to build roofs that won’t cause headaches.

Workplace Safety –  Fall Protection – The majority of injuries and fatalities are the result in falls. Topics covered range from the duty to provide, methods of protection as well as equipment inspectional obligations. Course content is taken from our OSHA 10 courses we provide for the construction industry.