Many times clients reach out to us asking us if we know someone looking for a new job. We have decided to launch a page where we can post these jobs for anyone actively seeking employment.

This is a FREE service for any past client. My legal team tells me to state very clearly that this is not in anyway to be construed as a referral service or any endorsement of firms who decide to post their openings. It is simply a vehicle to post your job offerings – think of us as a giant corkboard to pin up your ads for anyone who browses to see.


  1. Email your ad to We will post your ad onto our website. PLEASE NOTE: Use common sense here – your contact information you choose to include in ad is your decision as we are not responsible for any unwanted consequences due to information you freely publish.
  2. Please try to keep ad around 100 words. Make sure to include a way for people to reach you – we do not want to deal with giving out information.
  3. When your position is filled, we request you kindly drop us an email so we can remove your ad.

Working together is all about being a good fit. We sincerely hope to foster great working relationships that fit for both parties.

Stay Safe and Prosperous,

The LeadSMART Team

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