Monday at 2:08 in the afternoon, we received an email from BBRS that basically states the following:

July 10 (hmmm that was a few days ago!) Gov Baker removed the previous state license delays which includes your CSL. If you wish to read the announcement, click here.

Which means this:

Any CSL that expired from March 10 up to July 10 of this year – you have until 10.10.2020 (October 10) to renew your license.
Anyone who expires after July 10, 2020 needs to renew as you would normally. Another words, if you were due to renew after July 10 up to now, you no longer have a valid CSL!

How about some good news?
As of today, you are still able to take your CEU in the following manner:

1. Completely online
2. Completely in a virtual class (Zoom)
3. Completely in a live class (yes we are back to offering live classes but they fill up fast as capacity is very limited)

How can this happen??
Although the manner in which they have acted can be questioned, legally once the governor posts it on, you have been notified. It is up to the license holder to keep current on all regulatory matters.

We here at LeadSmart try to pass on information as fast as we get it. Unfortunately, like you, we don’t just sit staring at to see what is happening every day. We also have to work for a living.

Check in with our website for available classes in all three methods.

Please click here to read our class requirements you must adhere to while attending a live class.

Back in the saddle again – for now anyway!