We offer both INITIAL CSL Preparatory Classes as well as RENEWAL CSL Classes.


Information regarding your initial CSL testing can be found below on our LICENSES tab which will direct you to MA site providing you with all the information you need. To prepare for your test, we suggest you participate in one of our preparatory classes. We offer both an online course as well as a LIVE in person class throughout MA.


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July 10, Gov Baker removed the previous state license delays which includes your CSL. If you wish to read the announcement, click here.

Which means this:

  1. Any CSL that expired from March 10 up to July 10 of this year – you have until 10.10.2020 (October 10) to renew your license.
  2. Anyone who expires after July 10, 2020 needs to renew as you would normally.

Another words, if you were due to renew after July 10 up to now, you no longer have a valid CSL!




Online credits can now be earned on line 100% of what is required. In addition to our current 6 hour online course, we now offer the 12 hour online course as well.



Virtual Training is offered in an internet platform (ie: Go to Meeting, Zoom etc). It is treated the same by BBRS as if you were physically in a class. You attend on your own computer at home, your office or anywhere you have a good internet signal.



Two day class (8:00 – 3:00) held at locations that are able to meet the State of MA Occupational School Requirements along with the CDC requirements. Please click HERE and read carefully what you will be required to comply with. Seats are limited in each location.

12 CEU LIVE Class Schedule
• 6 CEU LIVE Class Schedule – Day 1 | Day 2
4 CEU LIVE Class Schedule



You can mix and match between some online and some virtual just like you could before – 6 online and 6 in class only now the class is in a VIRTUAL format.  Sign up for the 6 hour CEU ONLINE class and then choose which virtual class you wish to attend. Either Day 1  or Day 2.

Each day has different topics, choose which day appeals to you.

Remember, a virtual class is different than an online class. Live presentations, over your computer. Just as if you were at our normal class only in the comforts of your own home – no tests, no food and set times. Whereas, an online course is offered to you as a recorded program available 24/7 with tests.

Those of you heading back to the LIVE classes – BE SURE TO READ THE ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS (click here) – We miss seeing you but we have to be smart if we are to partake in the new “Normal”.

As Dylan once said “the times they are a changing” — wonder if he was aware of how much change when he sang this? Common gripes we hear at our classes is how much things have changed in our industry. “It used to be…..” “I remember when I could…”

As we learn once again a new way to conduct our business and trade, it is so critical that all of us cooperate with each other and do the right thing. For many of us, returning to meaningful work is such an important part of our emotional and financial stability. Maybe not the best situation but it sure beats the option.

Our safety saying of “We all go home today” has taken on additional meaning.

Be careful and THINK – its hard for us old timers to learn new tricks.

Stay Healthy,


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