Holidays in the mirror, WHERE ARE YOU HEADED?

Ben Franklin once said “Fish and visitors smell in three days”

fishI truly hope you found quality time away from your office, clients and projects to rest, re-charge and re-focus, and enjoy family and friends who hopefully did not stay too long.

With your needs in mind, we have been busy planning for the new year and have some exciting introductions.

Today we are announcing our online safety training program, informing you of the recordkeeping changes in OSHA effective yesterday and reminding you that it’s time for your RRP Refresher Classes.

I promise to take less than three days – you may have just got rid of that fishy smell from last week.

Have you read the “Monday Morning Mentoring”? I strongly recommend you look at this easy read. Cottrell speaks of focusing your attention to 3 things. One of our company’s “3 Main Things We Do” is to: Provide the products our clients need to succeed.

Here are 3 Things you could use:

1. Online Training — There I said it! Although I believe a personal class delivers the best learning environment, there are several reasons why we now offer this format in SAFETY (SPANISH AS WELL), BUISNESS MANAGEMENT and CAREER SKILLS.

Check out our Online Training Division for the course listings.

2. RRP Refreshers – YES it is time to renew your initial RRP Certifications. Make sure you re-certify before expiration. EPA  regulations say if your certification expires, you will have to take the initial 8-hour course again.

Check out the details at EPA RRP REFRESHER COURSE

Click here if you are certified in MA RRP REFRESHER COURSE –

(4 CEU’s for all you MA CSL’s)

3. OSHA Recordkeeping Rule Change – As of yesterday, (January 1, 2015) the type of incidents that now become mandatory reporting obligations went into effect.


Do We Smell Yet?

We will keep the future blog posts sent to you in this brief manner so you can get what you need and get back to doing what you do the best. Before you go:

1. SUBSCRIBE NOW – you can always unsubscribe if you find the information useless.

2. Check out our CLASS SCHEDULE for classes you might be interested in. Remember we offer many classes in OSHA Safety Standards, LEAD, MA CSL License Renewals (CEU) and Contractor College for owners and supervisors. Contact  Peter if interested.

3. Re-committ yourself to work smarter and safer this year so WE ALL GO HOME TODAY. Life won’t be the same without you (your family told us so).


Stay Healthy,

The LeadSMART Team