fred_teaching_class-resized-600Online Safety training — it seems perfect. It usually costs less, you won’t miss a day on the job and, assuming you have a computer to use, you can take your class anywhere. Why even consider the old-fashioned way of sitting in a class with an instructor?

If you haven’t already, you might want to try an online class. Google a topic you want to learn about and start simple, maybe one to three hours. It will probably cost under $100. Be sure to do it after you put in a full day at the jobsite.

Do you have what it takes to be an online student? There you are at the computer. Still awake? Drift over to emails yet? Able to block out the kids fighting in the background? Did you forget to shut your phone off?  DON’T open the mail – you will never finish!

Okay – maybe it’s time to take a break. Get up and stretch the legs. What did they mean when they said…….? Go ahead, raise your hand to ask. Can’t they see you? Oh, sorry, I meant text in your question and wait. Sweet – here’s their answer…Not what you meant? You try to clarify, but the support team emails you back that their business hours have ended. Try tomorrow, hopefully you’ll still be able to log in without paying more. If you have a lot of time and patience, online classes may be the way to go. I couldn’t do it. I like to talk to people.

As a trainer, I was ready to hop on the technology train and offer online classes at Leadsmart. But after some research and taking a few myself, I don’t believe in them for contractors. I understand their appeal to owners and respect the fact that everyone is different. They just don’t work for me — and maybe you.

Here’s why I feel live classes are better for you:

  • • Unless you are a crackerjack student, it’s impossible to read through the OSHA, EPA and state regulations and understand how to use them on your unique job.
  • • Trained instructors break down the important (most fined) regs and show you ways to practice what you need to know to stay compliant, and go home safe every day.
  • • Learning is hands-on with demonstrations and mock job sites.
  • • Presentations, videos and handouts come with immediate answers to your questions.
  • • You can’t beat the camaraderie. You’ll talk with other contractors about what it’s like out there and how to handle jobsite situations. Some of those conversations have even led to future working relationships.

Here are some comments from students in our live classes:

Great format. Contractors taught by other contractors, best option for a realistic approach to the interpretation of a complex law. The instructors were great. They were able to give great examples of how to become compliant, cost effectively. Considering they’ve been hands on with the same things I encounter every day, I look forward to more great advice in my next courses I take with them.             By Jarrid B. – Attended RRP class on June 20, 2014

I think the class was very informative in the fact that it showed just how truly bad this material is to people’s health. While I think we older folks have been around it for a while it just never dawned on me the effects it has on children, pregnant women and animals. Truly horrible. The facts of the class literature were very in-depth and educating for the whole class. I will try my very best to adhere to the rules and regulations now that the facts are on the table. Thank you for the education and keep up the good work.
By Mark C. – Attended RRP class on June 10, 2014

I thought the guys were very informative and personable. I thought I knew most of the information beforehand but I was wrong. Overall it was a pleasurable experience.
By Gerry M. – Attended RRP class on June 20, 2014

I invite you to Meet The Team at LeadSmart that will make your class hassle-free, informative and even enjoyable.

Here’s what’s coming up:


Starting in September, our class schedule will be organized by region. Our most popular safety classes will be offered in each of our New England regions once a year.

In addition to this “open seating” type of class, we also provide private trainings for firms. We welcome your inquiry should you be interested in discussing this option.

Have a new employee who needs training? Need your respirator fit test renewed? Feel your crew needs to “dust off the cobwebs” on a safety feature? The OBLIGATION TO TRAIN your workers is real. Training is step one – controlling their site behavior is the real test. Let us be part of your team to get this done methodically, affordably and dependably.

Check our schedule for training dates and register online or call us. We hope our new format will be successful at pairing your time and educational needs with our expertise.
If you don’t see what you need, please call 603-842-4730.