Ever get an email from a customer that stopped you in your tracks?
Read this one….
Date: Thu, Jan 11, 2024 at 3:12 PM
Subject: CPR training
To: scott@leadsmarttraining.com
Hi Scott, I was in your CPR training yesterday sitting in the front desk. The reason for this email because today when I was at work I got a call from my Manager that a person drop to the ground in front of the building. I ran there and the person was not breathing at all. I started to do CPR and was able to bring him back to life. No one can believe the coincidence that I took the training the day before and here I am saving someone’s life. Thank you for the training.
Mark Rivera
Facility Manager

Goose bumps? Someone is alive today because Mark acted. When have you been able to say that about yourself? I couldn’t get back to my task before I opened this email…..something had to be done. This guy saves a life and goes right back to work without even a word of thanks. Just another day – right? Wrong – not in my eyes.

Recently, with help from his employer, we surprised Mark at work with a luncheon and a group of his fellow workers. The Mayor of Cambridge, Denise Simons, presented Mark with a proclamation.

A local artist created this sculpture using a construction workers hand holding a heart. Imagine how you would feel if your name was on this? Mark became our first award recipient – our new HERO AWARD.

Everyday people do extraordinary things that impact others lives without notice. We intend on replicating this award whenever a person saves a life due to any training we were blessed to have provided. Know a hero? Drop me a line at peter@leadsmarttraining.com.

Thank you Mark for showing us there are still many great people among us  – who don’t make the news.

Leadsmart became an American Red Cross Training Center a few years back when we realized OSHA regulation requires someone with this training be onsite when a physician or hospital can not deliver emergency treatment within a reasonable amount of time. We offer this course privately as well as occasionally to anyone who wishes to attend themselves. If interested, see our upcoming schedule here. Who knows, we might be making a trophy with your name on it soon.

We love what we do. Every now and then we get a paycheck like this reinforcing our motivation to move forward. I hope you have the same urge to do something today that has a part in someone going home today.

Stay Healthy and Alive,


Mark, Peter and Scott

Dan Gray, Caroline Fortin, Mark, Mayor Simons and Peter Lewis (Schochet)