Ever drive by a road repair and see workers in a trench without any protection and say “OSHA WOULD BE ON MY SITE IN A MINUTE IF I DID THAT!!

Thanks to Governor Baker, as of February 1, 2019, all municipalities must train and protect their workers just like you are required on your jobsites. Baker signed the law (Chapter 44 of the Acts of 2018) on March 9, 2018 and will go into effect February 1, 2019.

DUH.. Its about time! You say. We have seen various levels of worker protection from town to town and applaud the Baker/Polito team in taking the first steps toward making a safe workplace for these men and women who serve and maintain the places we call home. From your DPW, Water and Sewer, Schools and Public Grounds all are finally being trained to work safely.

Very refreshing to see at a time when our national political issues are to say the least “challenging” regardless what your beliefs are …. It is great to see MA leadership take positive steps to protect all its citizens.

Most cities and towns are scrambling. Overwhelmed. To meet the upcoming deadline is daunting and in most cases impossible to be in compliance. Ever been there yourself with your company?

Last year when this bill was signed, I prepared myself through the OSHA Training courses and recently obtained the federal certificate Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals both in Construction and General Industry (PSSHF). This puts our hat in the ring to help townships throughout MA with trainings and other services to bring them into the compliance world of safety.

If your town is in need of such assistance, please reach out and lets have a chat to see if we can help you. Perhaps with the right guidance, this doesn’t have to be as tough as you feel it is. We take companies overwhelmed by the task to meet safety compliance through the maze a step at a time – its what we do.

Stay Healthy and Profitable,

Peter Lawton,


LeadSMART Training Solutions, Inc


In addition to Open Class Trainings, we work with private firms focusing on best practices to create a culture of safety through safety consulting, job site inspections, program development, OSHA Informal Hearings and foreman training.

Give us a call to discuss a company safety assessment which will show your strengths as well as uncover areas needing improvement.