Safety-On-Demand – Electrical Hazards

Safety-On-Demand – Electrical Hazards


Electrical hazards are often ignored by the workforce due to its lack of warnings other hazards typically come with. It does not have an odor, you can not see it and on jobsites – you wont hear it. Yet it continues to be a major contributor to our workforce – especially those under the age of 25.

This video addresses common hazards we all face in the manner in which we perform our work – we do not address the electrical topics that really pertain to an electrician’s skills or knowledge. This video speaks to the tradesperson working onsite who is not an electrician.

Without this knowledge, you should FEAR electrical power sources. However, with knowledge comes confidence to work in a manner that keeps you safe with electricity.

Don’t worry, this training isn’t boring. These trainers are contractors too and always keep things interesting…and what you learn could save your life!

Video #1 Electrical Hazards

  • Its Danger
  • Most Common Violations
  • Type of Electrical Hazards
  • Portable Cord Care
  • GFCI Use
  • Temporary Lighting
  • LOTO Use
  • 31 minutes


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