A recent article in JLC Online, “Working Lead-Safe,” by Tom O’Brien, is hitting the ’net. If you’re not a subscriber, click here to read the full article. It quotes one of your favorite trainers, Peter Lawton.

An excerpt:

None of us are getting any younger. And for some remodelers, the years seem to have taken a heavier toll; High blood pressure, kidney trouble, memory problems, mood disorders, and erectile dysfunction are all age-related maladies. But each is also a symptom of lead poisoning. If you work on old houses and haven’t been as scrupulous with your personal protection as you have been with your containment measures, you might not be as old as you feel. And it’s probably not too late to do something about it.

The article contains some very good information about not only why lead is so bad, but what you can do about it, including some helpful hints to reduce dust. But as an RRP Certified Renovator or a Massachusetts LSR-S, you already know all that, right?

It’s a comprehensive article and I’m confident that not only will it reinforce what you already know, but you may even pick up a new idea or two.

Now for our regularly scheduled reminder…

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Stay Healthy, folks.

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