State_of_MA_sealRecently approved by the BBRS (the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations & Standards), the 9th Edition of the Massachusetts Building Code (780 CMR) is nearing completion. These changes are based on the International Code Council (ICC) published 2015 I-Codes.

Expected to become effective early 2016, it’s important to know that unlike past updates, there will be not be a “concurrency period.” What, exactly, does that mean?

Well, generally, when the State of Massachusetts updates its building code, it understands that a transition period makes it easier for contractors to get on board with the new regulations. Usually, the old and new building codes are in effect at the same time. Projects started before the updates are published fall under the old regulations while projects started after the new regs come into effect fall under the new regs. This is known as a “concurrency period.”

This will not be the case with the 9th Edition. When BBRS officially announces the effective date, ONLY the 9th edition will apply to new projects yet to be permitted.

So what is a contractor to do?

  • Become familiar with the draft and plan incorporating the updates in your projects now. Click here to link through to a document provided by the BBRS that highlights some key changes. It’s a short 5-page document to begin learning what you need to do to stay in compliance.
  • Buy the ICC 2015 books and begin reviewing them. You don’t have to memorize them, but you do want to be able to know how to find information.
  • Learn the changes to the Construction Supervisor License requirements

To help you stay current, LeadSMART Training Solutions created a BBRS page with links important to you. Visit us frequently to stay on top of changes in Massachusetts building regulations.

While we’re all waiting for the effective date of the updated regulations, you can dive into details by downloading the Massachusetts Amendments to the Base Volume, found here. You’ll also find on our new BBRS page links to additional draft amendments. The good news is you still have several months to review the changes and evaluate the impact on your business. Do your due diligence, folks, and read the proposed law.

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