DutchBoyWhiteLead1-resized-600You’ve been putting off that RRP class you need to bid on lead jobs AND you need CEUs to renew your CSL license. BUT, you don’t want to lose money by taking a lot of time off from your jobs to do it. Is this your life? As former contractors, we understand completely and have an easy solution that will save you time and money.

If you are a builder, contractor, or remodeler who needs the RRP lead paint training AND hold a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor’s License you can simply take LeadSMART’s RRP course and our 4-credit CEU class to earn enough CEU points to renew your license.

Compare the two ways to earn the 12 CEU hours you need for an unrestricted CSL:

Option 1
a. You attend a LS 12 CEU course  $295 and 2 days off job
b.  You attend a LS RRP course  $199 and 1 days off job
 $494      3 days off job
Option 2
a.  You attend a LS RRP (8 CEU) course  $199 and 1 day off job
b.  You attend a LS 4 CEU course  $145 and ½ day off job
 $344     1 ½ days off job

Option 2 costs $150 less (that’s 30%) and takes half the time off your job site!

So whether you are a builder, renovator, or you specialize in windows, floors, doors or roofs —  if you need to renew your Construction Supervisor’s License and you need your Lead Certificate, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Makes cents, right?

Stay Healthy, Safe and Profitable,

Peter and the LeadSMART Team