State_of_MA_sealThat’s right! For you folks who work in Massachusetts, the final draft of the Massachusetts Building Code, 9th Edition was approved by BBRS on January 12, 2016.

The final draft is under review by the Executive Office of Administration and Finance and, when the review is completed, a public hearing will be scheduled.

In the meantime, BBRS is accepting written comments before, during, and after the public hearing. Review the code, get familiar with it, and submit your comments to Felix Zemel at

Be aware, there may be adjustments to the draft code language depending on written comments received and/or oral testimony at the hearing.

The publication date is still not set. However, the 9th Edition is expected to authorize a concurrency period of up to six (6) months where permits may be filed in compliance with either the 8th or 9th edition of the code.

The 9th Edition has two volumes:

  • The Base Volume which consists of the 2015 versions of the International Building Code, Existing Building Code, Energy Conservation Code, and, by reference, the International Fire Code and Mechanical Code, as well as Massachusetts amendments.
  • The Residential Volume which consists of the 2015 version of the International Residential Code as well as Massachusetts amendments.

So we’re not there yet, folks, but we’re closer.

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