Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

The 5 C’s: Why Online Training Might Be For You…
…From an Old Dog

I’m the old dog, the one who never thought he’d be offering online classes and even argued against them. I still believe our live classes taught by experienced contractors who have been in the field are the most effective. But after seeing so many crews out there in need of training, I’m changing my ways. My goal is to educate as many workers as possible so they will be safe on their jobs, and go home to their families each night. I recognize that one training session may not impact dangerous worker habits that were years in the making, and I see smaller companies who may not be able to afford a private training or the lost production time. I’ve also met a new generation of workers who want to train digitally, as they were raised.

So here I am, offering a few good reasons why online classes might be a great addition to your training strategy:

  • COST — Far less expensive than private training
  • CONVENIENT — Train without losing PRODUCTION TIME
  • CONCENTRATED — You decide who needs which topic and when
  • CONTINUAL — Ongoing training and not a “once-a-year” event, something OSHA encourages
  • COMPREHENSIVE — Complete an individual’s training when combined with live trainings


Take a look at the course offerings in the red box above. We teamed up with a leading online training provider to give YOU another tool to use in keeping your crew sharp and safe.