The EPA Lead Paint RRP Rule

We constantly get calls inquiring if this law pertains to their work. There is not a trade that provides services on residential homes built before 1978 or situations where children reside for certain periods of time that escape this law.

The EPA federal lead paint law regarding the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) is one of five that depending on your project you might fall under jurisdiction of. The other four could be laws such as:

  • Your state having its own lead law which would be in ADDITION to the EPA law (regulated state)
  • OSHA 1926.62 (lead in construction) applies whenever you have employees or your business is a corporation & you actually work for it
  • HUD’s lead law (renovations in HUD dwellings or projects funded by a HUD agency)
  • Any local town ordinances

The RRP law is not always the same in every state. MA & RI “authorized states” for their state law to be layered onto the federal law. At the moment there are 14 states authorized states. Vermonters are facing a more complex explanation but basically begin as an EPA state but with a VT twist. Confused? Call Peter for a better explanation of this.

When you are ready to get certified – consider LeadSMART Training Solutions as your choice. Our RRP Training methods are considered the best in the business by both our clients and the many government officials we have worked with throughout the years. The initial training course will get you certified and ready to work. Consider it being shown how to walk. Ready to run? Once you are certified look into our RRP…Part 2 course. This is where we show the pros how to run!

Our goal is to make it easy for you. Business is tough enough — we want to help keep you compliant and safe, should that be your goal. Follow the section to your right RRP Forms for the various forms and links for contractors already certified; think of it as your business library.

If you have a question on a site situation or upcoming project, feel free to email me at Our help is free of charge and we are not EPA agents and we welcome you to speak freely.